Sunday, March 11, 2012

Conch Republic Summer Time

Today is the first day of long evenings and dark mornings for most of the US except Arizona, Hawaii and those few bizarre counties on the edge of Indiana that do their own thing. Clocks sprang forward last night at two in the morning. Except in Arizona where they moved from Mountain Time to Pacific Time.

We sprang forward in Florida too, both time zones, The panhandle in Central Time and the peninsula in Eastern Time. Newspapers everywhere did what they do which is tell people to change their clocks so we all do it together.

They warned us on Saturday of the impending change, even here in the Conch Republic. Except...

...the bright sparks on the night desk put up the Fall headline:

I wonder how many residents obediently did as they were told and instead of springing forward, fell back?

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Anonymous said...

Daylight Savings Time for me was sad as the last time the time changed, I was on your island and had an extra hour of paradise. It's going to be 55 degrees today in SW Montana. I'm wearing a light coat and my Summer crocs, but still have to keep an eye open for winter snow storms and not yet time to put away the down Patagonia storm parka.

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

It sounds extremely rugged. Crocs in snow.