Saturday, March 31, 2012

Road Trip!

My wife at work, myself and Cheyenne off, we decided to get in the car and drive North.

Over the years I have covered most of the peninsula in criss-crossing trips by motorcycle and by car and of sights to see there aren't many left in Florida. So it is one is faced with a five hundred mile journey to Jacksonville or an 800 mile ride to Pensacola just to get out of the Sunshine State.

It is a long way out from the Southernmost City, most of it across flatlands, some rolling hills and eventually through sandy pine forests in the central and northern regions.

Cheyenne is a patient rider slumped across the back seat of the Fusion, she doesn't much care for long car drives but she puts up with them in the hope of better things to come.

Pine forests seem to appeal more to me than to her.

She'd much rather be sniffing trash on some urban backstreet and my efforts to stretch her legs in sylvan surroundings don't do much for her.

Eventually though we hit proper mountains and winding highways, cooler temperatures and Spring's inevitable accompaniment Up North: rain.

The ride took the better part of 24 hours with an enforced stop in a seedy motel to recuperate from exhaustion as the drive was preceded by twelve hours of night shift at work.

Destination Roanoke, to be explored this week.

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