Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seminary Street

I drove by on Reynolds Street and happened to look up this side street and felt compelled to pull over and walk back with my camera.

I saw sun and shade and lots of color and I couldn't for the life of me remember the name if the street.

So I was intrigued.

I happened to be driving to work without Cheyenne so it felt rather odd to be walking and taking pictures without my blond bundle of joy at my side.

I like how even a slab sided building like this gets an exotic touch with all the greenery surrounding it.

And this wall was quite fantastic, I couldn't figure what was real and what wasn't from a distance. It turns out the ivy is real.

This was all real, gnarly and worn but real.

The royal palms are flourishing on this block.

And a scooter parked outside the house ready for any jaunt, any chore across this little town.

These three gables caught my eye as I strolled by.

As did this open airy portico on this rather interesting home.

An old fashioned Florida home, nicely shaded by the spreading tree and heavy old storm shutters.

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Len said...

Love Seminary Street. One of our favorite walking, running, biking streets. Wish we were there. Thanks for the refresher.

Lou said...

We were just riding on Seminary St. today after looking at a house to rent over on South. I agree with Len -- one of my favorite parts of town!!