Monday, April 9, 2012

Carysfort Circle, Key Largo

Headed to the Mainland we stopped at Carysfort Circle, Cheyenne and I.

Not to be confused by a circle of the same name inside the exclusive Ocean Reef community this street is divided into north and south halves circling south of US Highway One.

It may not be Ocean Reef but it boasts some pretty impressive homes all the same.

The central part of the circle is wooded and impenetrable.

I suppose impenetrable is exaggerated but it is thick with growth.

There are a few houses here but much of the circle is wilderness, carefully trimmed.

I found little information about Carysfort except that it is actually a four mile long reef off the south coast of Key Largo (the largest island in the Keys, by the way).

On that reef sits the oldest steel screw pile lighthouse and it is still functioning though automated these days. The origin of the name is a mystery to me.

However typically the reef formations are named for ships that wrecked on them.

Not that any of this historical stuff really matters if you are just out walking your dog.

It was pretty buggy and I used a fair bit of repellent to stay sane.

Others must have too because they were hanging around, petting passing dogs with not a care in the world about mosquitoes.

She too cared not one whit about insects.what she was smelling I had no clue nor did I want to know as it happens.

But now at least I'd do know what another of these mysterious streets off Card Sound Road looks like. Pretty much like streets everywhere else in the Keys, it turns out.

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