Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lunch In Floyd, Virginia

After walking Cheyenne through town we opted for lunch in the little town of Floyd. Faced with a choice of greasy spoon mountain food or yuppie hippie grub we went frou-frou.

There is a natural products store downstairs in the huge barn of a building...

...with a vast spacious dining room upstairs.

It is a bright and cheerful place with much color and art to make lunch interesting.

We opted to sit outside I'm the arctic blast of a seventy degree afternoon.

Our neighbor was failing to train a rather small service dog for the deaf. Her lunch companion confided to us the trainer always ends up falling in love with the trainees which makes them hard to send away to do their valuable jobs.

Lunch was sandwiches, vegetables for Sandra the vegetarian.

Split pea soup which luckily had ham in it so I didn't have to share,

...and a wildly eccentric grilled cheese sandwich smeared with delicious sweet apple butter. It was odd yet hugely enjoyable and unlike any grilled cheese I've had before. A souvenir of Floyd in a language Floyd understands.

The Blue Ridge Mountains around here tend to flatten off yielding spectacular views to accompany lunch, craft beers and fresh sunny mountain air.

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Richard Machida said...

I'm confused. Does "frou-frou" translate to greasy spoon mountain food or yuppie hippie grub?

I don't get out much...

Conchscooter said...

Hippie food. Organic Eco-mentalist vegetarian stuff. You get out a lot, you're always leaving the frozen tundra for southern climes. Try Virginia, it looks like great riding.