Saturday, April 28, 2012

Night Landmarks

I took this picture for reasons I cannot remember, perhaps because I haven't eaten there for a while and a night photo might make up for it.

Then I thought to myself as I rode back toward work, there are lots of night time landmarks in Key West, I wonder how many I can spot. The Truman-Margaret Laundry at the corner of those same streets (nothing to do with the late President's daughter):

Saint Mary's minor basilica further down Truman.

And here in Truval Village at the corner of Truman and Duval I saw the new burger joint coming to life. Its called Five Guys Burgers and Fries and it is much anticipated.

It will be across the street from a night time institution open twenty four hours, Denny's, never closed:

Heading outbound on Truman, Don's Place a dive that's open till 4 am and reopens at 7 am for people who need their beer in company at that awful hour.

Before I turned in to the Police Station I stopped on the sidewalk for a pause at the west end of Garrison Bight.

I'm not sure the Bonneville counts as a landmark but I wanted to include it.

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LYS93 said...


You will have to try Five Guys. My two McDonald's family members have opposite opinions. Bob's not a fan but Bill thinks it is great. Last time we went we met a former McD's big wig who now has a 3 unit restaurant group...sort of like a Panera. He was in there trying to see why it works. Cuz Lynn

Conchscooter said...

I shall certainly have to get in line!

Shugar Loafer said...

I'm looking forward to the other 5 Guys location--free parking is perk, fo sho.