Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stranded Harley

Meet Aaron from Colorado. He's been living in the islands a few months and decided riding a motorcycle was the way to go in the sunny Florida Keys. Two weeks ago he got his first bike, and Friday morning while riding to his work at Sloppy Joe's the Harley went dead on him.

Electrical problem he thought as we pushed the dead 1997 Sportster to the parking lot of the porn shop on Boca Chica Key. I offered him a ride to town, he accepted gratefully and ended up ten minutes late for work.

The porn shop was a clean well lighted place packed floor to ceiling with DVDs, which surprised me, and the clerks cheerfully acknowledged Aaron's predicament promising to keep an eye on the dead Harley. Aaron was super embarrassed about riding bitch on my Bonneville but I assured him he was lucky I wasn't wearing my pink Crocs which fact didn't seem to cheer him up. He did notice how smooth the Bonneville was compared to his Harley. Good lad.

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Anonymous said...

Conch. Didn't that used to be a welcome station for tourist? Seems about right.

Conchscooter said...

That is correct. They seem tothik they will make more money selling pornographic CDs to youngsters on base who live close by.
The rumor is Walmart wil be coming next year. Much denied.