Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weird Waterfront

"Excess" seems like it should be an irritating name for a boat but I have no doubt it gives any passenger who notices a reason to grin. This is Key West after all.

This is not Austin. Any city that has to sell shirts and stickers imploringpeople to "keep" a place weird has missed the bus. Weirdness has to be innate, not for sale.

I have no idea what she and her prosperous chest were selling.

For some, the idea of a gay oriented charter boat is weird. One day perhaps we will get past it.

For everyone else there is a dolphin shaped tour boat.

Pirate flag notwithstanding that seems weird to me. It must be seaworthy but you wouldn't know it.

Old ships new boats all crammed together on Key West's waterfront ready to take you out to sea.

Not everyone is excited about another day at work.

Sleeping dogs are just too cute. Call this a gratuitous dog picture and it's not Cheyenne for a change!

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David B. said...

I think that we all agree that you may post as many gratuitous dog pictures as you wish without complaint.

Anonymous said...

Blogs are one of the few places left in the world where people can complain and actually receive an honest reply from a real person. If the conchscooter starts featuring photos of yippy lap dogs I'm sure the complaints would come. This comment, of course, is an observation not a complaint.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the Blu Q, really fun boat.