Thursday, May 24, 2012

Boat Fishing Summer

Ambling home on the Overseas Highway I looked to the left of me and I looked to the right of me.

As it turned out most of the fish killing action was to the left of me, on the Atlantic side of the road, the south side if you talk like a mainlander.

There you are out in the ocean and your fishing guide stands on his platform and poles you along. When the flats pole is in action in means you are in shallow water, no matter how deep it may appear.

Some of the time is spent buzzing about on the horizon.

A lot of the time is spent maneuvering the boat on and off the trailer at the free launch ramps provided courtesy of the gummint up and down the Keys.

The view from the Highway to Key West is quite pretty especially in the Lower Keys after the Seven Mile Bridge where the road crosses more water and winds through fewer mangroves.

I often think of the boaters looking up at me driving or riding on the highway imagining that I am envying them their freedom.

I used to be glad when I was on the water away from speed limits and traffic lanes and crowds. At some level I miss the silence and skill of sailing but driving a motor boat has not made me a convert to driving an engine across the water.

I have found that sporadic use of a salt water immersed engine takes work to keep it functioning. Work and money, which is true to se extent of any boat.

Even though I am not one to pits my wits against fish a boat with a bed and a sunset view is still a pleasant place to be.

And around here, like Parrotdise on Little Torch Key there is a dock provided by the restaurant to encourage visits by water.

Thats the fantasy ultimately, jump in the boat at your dock and drive across the water to dinner without once stopping at a stop sign.

After last summer's desperate struggles with my bolshie outboard I find the smooth reliability of my twin cylinder Bonneville much more satisfying.

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