Sunday, May 6, 2012

Flagler Avenue

With the best will in the world Flagler Avenue is not terribly scenic, especially when you consider how scenic parts of this little island can be.

Cement poles, scraggly untended trees in the median, acres of asphalt and lines of cars in a four lane expressway across town...none of it adds up to anything remotely approaching "quaint."

The architecture is Florida circa 1960, bungalows fronted by strips of lawn...

...with the inestimable benefit of off street parking. This is far from tourist country, far enough from the hub of downtown commercial activity to make a scooter an attribute.

For Cheyenne the heat reflected from the cement was offset by smells whose origins I hope emanated from other passing dogs.

As always in South Florida's suburbia the banality of the architecture is offset somewhat by nature's best efforts. Puffy clouds and palms look good out here.

But in every frame there is a car because as much as Old Town is good for walking this part of town isn't. Flagler is a useful cross town street, away from the scenic attractions of South Roosevelt and equally unaffected by the business centers which attract cars to North Roosevelt.

There are businesses the length of Flagler Avenue but this street is most useful for locals looking for a quick path across town.

And once again we find an empty pair of shoes lying around. It is a mystery to me why so many pairs of footwear get discarded around this town.

One notable business on Flagler is the urgent care clinic, the walk in "doc-in-a-box" that offers appointment-free medical visits. It also marks the entrance to Little Hamaca city park.

And across the street more vehicles languishing under the blazing sun.

The old VW project sits waiting for attention while the covered spot waits for the daily driver to return from work and spend the night under the shade of the tent.

Flagler Avenue is all about cars, parked and traveling.

From the Casa Marina Hotel to the entrance to the city Flagler is the vehicle artery across the middle of town, not scenic but eminently useful for those that know about it.
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