Friday, June 8, 2012

The Evolving Truman Watefront

The Mohawk has gone, dragged off to an unhappy fate to be sunk off Samibel Island to make way for a fancy new marina and shopping center planned to occupy the waterfront.

The floating museum is no more, a survivor of World War Two, packed with memories and mementoes of a fascinating life afloat. The space behind the canon is where the Mohawk used to be.

Now it is just empty waterfront.

No doubt the old Navy Warehouse will be the next to go, plans for a farmers market and a tree filled lark have been swept aside in pursuit of a high end development.

The worst of all hazards is to be in the way of Progress.

The old launch that used to sit here, blocked up, has vanished.

I was glad to see quite a few people visiting the remaining floating museum, the Ingham, a rather newer Coastguard Cutter than the venerable Mohawk.

It was a ninety degree afternoon and I had nom clue where to stash my dog were I to take a leisurely tour of the ship.

So I contented myself with watching from afar.

Cheyenne seemed more impressed by the force of the sun,

...unlike the brave visitors on the ship.

She ducked into the shady grass for a rest.

I like the bright white sunlight of summer.

Even the parking lot was full

The common complaint is not many people come by here so they might as well build the expensive marina. It's time tom prove them wrong before the Ingham suffers the same ignominious fate of the Mohawk.

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Danette said...

Ugh. It seems the island's charm is lost on the people who rule the roost there. Sad to see if go and the "new and improved" taking over.