Friday, June 1, 2012

Margaret At Catherine

This block starts at United and passes under a tunnel of trees.

The houses on one side are pretty large by Key West standards.

With the endless parade of piratical nonsense.

There never were any pirates in Key West, no matter what line of commercial bullshit they keep on peddling.

A tree leafed one story home is more in keeping with what one expects to see in this town.

My pink Crocs don't look so gaudy in this town.

Buy this place, below, and you'd have a very short walk to a high calorie meal at the Cuban place next door.

This place across the street is having some work done.

But there is no doubt about one thing.

I know that when someone sees me taking a chicken picture they think I am some visitor enchanted by the wild chickens of Key West.

As it is I loathe the messy noisy smelly things. El Siboney is where one goes for Cuban food on this side of town.

The streets were empty on the hot summer afternoon...

...while the lunchtime parking lot at the restaurant was full, as always.

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