Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Snapper Creek Rest Area Florida's Turnpike

Every fifty miles or so they have these rest areas on the turnpike across the middle of the state.

Snapper Creek is at Mile 19 which is nineteen miles north of Florida City, the southern terminus of the pay route. Until now it had been a crappy place to stop and stretch your dog's legs.

But they have refurbished the place and, bless their hearts, they have included a fabulous little dog park.

It's securely fenced and nicely equipped:

Cheyenne approved.

Press the button and fresh cool water bubbles up. Nice!

They have other facilities here, besides reasonably priced gas and an inconvenience store.

I like the dog park.

It was hot and the freshly planted saplings threw very little shade but Cheyenne likes to smell where other dogs have been.

She rooted around for a while.

I marveled at the thoughtfulness of whoever decided to offer this space for the dogs in this narrow and most urban of rest areas.

I know that in rural areas some rest areas encompass acres with massive dog walk areas but for a place that used to offer nothing at all this is a massive improvement. Great stuff.

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