Wednesday, July 25, 2012

AT&T U-Verse

The phone company took away my old fashioned DSL service and held me hostage until I agreed to "upgrade" to the new and improved service which will allow the phone company to offer the equivalent of cable TV to eager little consumers.

I awoke one morning to find my Internet service gone and it wasn't restored until I made an appointment for installers to come to my house and bolt on the "upgrade." They were nice guys, the outside guy in the white shirt sweating a river as he bolted on the new box. The orange shirt was supposed to install the inside box to make it all happen seamlessly.

Unfortunately there is a problem with the network on my street or on my island somewhere so all AT&T's workers and vans cannot install twelve gigabyte U-Verse service for the moment. Unfortunately they cannot restore my dreary old six gigabyte DSL service either so I am cut off from the world. I will have to lurk at MIckey D's or the library for the next few days, or weeks until the glorious new Internet world can be streamed into my house.

I understand that the phone company has to compete with the cable companies and most people want TV service in their homes (I don't and I don't miss cable at all), but this upgrade will double the cost of Internet service to $55 a month and increase the speed to a level which I do not need. This snafu is emblematic of our high tech world where what we want matters less than what the one percent want and their engineers can deliver. I dislike being reminded I am a serf. The corporate slogan ungrammatically delivered as "Think Possible" reeks of irony in my small world.

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cpa3485 said...

We actually did a similar change a couple of months ago, but our U-Verse isn't that expensive and we dropped the cable we had. We already had a digital antenna and get our local stations "over the air" (in HD). But rest assured, good old AT&T tried to screw us on the first bill and do all sorts of things they said wouldn't happen like an installation charge. They eventually waived it, but we had to threaten them with pestilence and locusts.

Maybe if you lived in a normal location, not out on an island in the middle of nowhere, maybe this wouldn't have happened? My opinion? Big companies don't care about service anymore, they just want money.

Conchscooter said...

This change was forced on us by AT&T who decided we could no longer do DSL. And now the installation is held up because they can't fix the line. It's not the government I hate but big corporations.

Anonymous said...

Internet/phone/cable services don't operate in free markets and not surprisingly provide shitty service.

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Isn't there a WiFi / Radio internet company in the Keys? I know there was one, but it was several years ago. Possible alternative for you if so. I get mine from a local guy once I got tired of the Sprint/Comcast duopoly.