Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bicycle Touring

I saw a bicycle with a tag in Harpers Ferry.

I met Rob later and he wasn't too excited to talk to me. But he is a New Englander and thus polite.

I wondered if he had ridden from New Hampshire but it turns out he was on a tour based in the District of Columbia.

There's more of this stuff going on than we couch potatoes realize. We could be out there touring ourselves peddling wildly back to our tents.

Or we could get in the car, crank the heat and drive back to a comfortable hotel complete with room service, alcohol and everything.

Good man Rob. You're doing it for all of us.

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Danette said...

There are some who are driven to do wild and crazy things. We recently picked up a guy who was hiking with friends-- traveling from Denver to Durango. This is a 483 mile trek through the Rockies. While we drove he told of us some runners he met who were training for the Ultramarathon in Leadville- 100 miles! Running! And done without a 30 hour timelimit. Apparently 500 or so people do this crazy race.

Danette said...

Oops! Let's try... doing it "WITHIN a 30 hour time line." And Leadville is at 10152 ft. (courtesy Wikipedia) Not too much air up there.

Conchscooter said...

sounds too gnarly even for the kindly Rob.