Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Magic City, Florida

My favorite Chinese eatery at Luani Plaza on Kennedy, has been in town a while, check out the worn out delivery sign on the car:

When I lived In Santa Cruz, California, Chef Tong's was a well known restaurant, it's owner a colorful character who did time for gambling related offenses. I still tend to call Tong's Garden "Chef Tong's" when I'm not thinking, thus confusing my listeners.

August 14th is primary day in Florida, those of us who haven't been culled from the voting rolls by our over eager Republican overlord in Tallahassee. I have no strong feelings about control of mosquito control but I'd better get reading between now and then. The Bug Board used to be controversial when the district was managed by an idiotic narcissist who thought being the highest paid county official entitled him to be rude in public. He's gone. Viva democracy!

I saw that arsehole bicycle billboard at the public library on Fleming. I ride a motorcycle so I have no desire to see more drunks driving, thanks.

Magic City is the nickname usually given to Birmingham, Alabama, a city created to meet an industrial need for iron and steel. Key West has the capacity to be magical sometimes too.

I am astonished how a vacation here turns sedate homeowners into hard riding motorcyclists. They wobble, stop suddenly, get lost, hunt through they bags and make abrupt u-turns. But scooter riding is a Key West experience.

Scooters are everywhere and they are a sight to see.

My dentist's office looked magical with a palm tree growing in the lobby, clearly visible behind these lost British tourists on their bicycles.

Most realtors advertise homes for sale. This street side advert advises the passerby the house in question is actually not for sale. Weird, magical perhaps, but true. They've got others for sale though, if you're interested.

This house is for sale and there is a motorcycle in the driveway neatly covered. Perhaps it's included? Cool!

What splendidly magical place for a coat hanger. The hood of a car?

I love you Cheyenne, you patient dog.

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dentist la grange said...

Great blog! Thanks for posting.

dentist merrillville in said...

I agree. i love this blog.

dentist palatine said...

i wish we had a palm tree in our reception area! that's cool.

Anonymous said...

Billings Montana is also called the Magic City. Have no idea why, nothing magical goes on there.

Bob from Livingston "Livingston, I Presume" Montana

Conchscooter said...

Christ there's a whole passel of dentists commenting. Does tha mean something?
Bob look harder...

Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

Evil Republican overlord - nice. :)

Conchscooter said...

I haven't been culled from the voting rolls much to my surprise. Governor Scott must love white immigrants like me. Now I have to figure out which school board canddiates are the least bad. And which board candidates mosquitoes fear the most. very trying.