Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Part Restoration, New Orleans Style

For some people the St Charles streetcar symbolized the city's return to life after Katrina. These days the street cars run all the way and their elderly gravitas looks as it always did.

The wealthy white neighborhoods of New Orleans are protesting the Times-Picayune's decision to fire reporters and publish online. That the paper comes out in print just three times a week is a sore subject. Especially as the paper was turning a profit when it made the changes.

The mansions by the lake were badly flooded and wrecked by Katrina but they have come back in grand style:

And the lakefront parks are restored and lovely.

Lots of city workers out here trimming the public nose hair.

The black neighborhoods, separate but equal look slightly different.

Quite a bit different.

Not equally restored.

"Not For Sale" says the plywood sign, spray painted.

One wonders when and how these wrecks will ever be restored.

Canal Street is back in fine fettle, where the tourists go.

Who wouldn't want to go shopping here?

And yet, even in the business district these wrecked zombie office high rises gape like rotting flesh, leprous scars in the middle of shiny bright office windows.

Wreckage amid the boardrooms.

It is a fascinating town, New Orleans.

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