Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Signs And Symbols

I like the diving mask on Simonton Street enough that I have photographed it before close up. Here it is in full.

Cup holders on powered two wheelers have always seemed like an iffy proposition to me, especially in a town where alcohol rules. I have carried coffee on a moped in just such a holder but these days I prefer to carry the cup of coffee wedged in
my luggage and I drink the drink in peace on arrival. Certain things need to be savored not slurped (horrid word!).

An abandoned paper baking in the sun. It surprises me how quickly newsprint fades to brown in the sunlight.

Mystery is always attractive in the world of bumper stickers. I don't doubt Cullens are appalling drivers as a group.

"Hullo. I am on vacation from my desk job Up North. Have you lived in Key West all your life? Do you like it? I am looking forward to retiring here..." His wife was ready to move on judging by her body language. The church sexton with the broom was pretty patient. I often have these conversations when people deduce by my dog and not by my camera that I live here. I am very polite but I don't encourage emigration as many relocate but few are chosen.

I ate at Café Marquesa once and the waiter gave such an accurate impression of a bored irritated Frenchman I never went back. In winter wealthy retirees line up out the door to be abused at vast expense. Perhaps the bored Frenchman is suave to the wealthy. Good man, he knows his place.

Here we are, slogans in crayon are much more fun. Wide ranging, global in scope, short on details and unattainable. The joyous expectations of youth. I used to think justice for all was attainable, silly me!

It needs to be said, per the bumper sticker below, that some of us don't have bank accounts in the Caymans though I did once have an account in Switzerland when the Italian Lira was so weak it could barely crawl out of my wallet on motorcycle trips away from my Italian home. I'd stop in Lugano in the Italian speaking part of the Helvetic Republic and withdraw powerful Swiss francs to fund my journeys. In a pinch French shopkeepers accepted Swiss Francs where they wrinkled their noses at Italian Lira. Nevertheless I feel no affinity for the Romney magic underwear millionaire. I prefer seeing the Republican savagery on display caused by having a black man in the white man's house. Obama isn't my idea of a progressive but he certainly brings out the bigotry in his opponents.

A government subsidy to offer health care to the mentally and residentially challenged seems like a less bad idea than the way currently their care is supported by my insured health care costs. My co-pays support indigent care which leads me to wonder what my neighbors are thinking when they oppose the modest reforms of Obamacare.

Unknown flowers drooping over the sidewalk are Nature's bumper stickers.

And fishing floats as ornaments remind us of the tough life of commercial fishermen on the high seas.

I was surprised to see these wines for sale on Eaton Street. The wine is bottled by the son of the former owner of the failed Parrotdise restaurant on Little Torch Key. I had assumed, incorrectly, that with the disappearance of the restaurant the wines were gone too. Not at all the shopkeeper assured me.

Does it make me a snob, like the Marquesa waiter, if I confess I have no desire to drink wine slyly named after my gentleman's sausage?

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Anonymous said...

During the Summer, tourists ask me the same about living in Livingston, they move here, then a couple of winters later, they move back. Someday maybe I can have the best of both worlds, Livingston in the Summer and Key West in the Spring, Fall and Winter.

Check out J. Harold Lowry's new Key West book, "Key Lime Floats". A good, fun read.

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

A home in the mountains and winters in the Keys are a fine goal. Though sometimes I might like to reverse their uses. I think Montana might be a be a bit too rugged, very too rugged, for me.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful here in the Summer. Glacier Park in the north and my favorite park, Yellowstone in the south. Livingston is only 59 miles from Yellowstone. The air is thin here. I can walk a couple of miles without a deep breath, when I get to KW and the low elevation, I can walk all day without getting tired. There are a lot of motorcyclists that ride through Yellowstone. Come on up!

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

It's been a long time since I was in yellowstone and glacier. Certainly time to ride back!