Saturday, September 22, 2012


I found this image on Modern Vespa and it made me chuckle to myself. I guess it helps when you don't really give a toss what other people think, but I have to confess I am not taking my pink Crocs to Iowa to pick up the Vespa. It is enough that I will be riding a "moped" across the mid west. Once I get the "moped" home I will face the disdain of the motoring public on Highway One. When riding my wife's Vespa, even at 60mph I find cretins tailgating me and imbeciles cutting me off, behavior not permitted by the sight of my burly Bonneville occupying it's spot on the roadway. But I will have to keep this image in mind. Hoping of course the last picture is for effect and not reality.


moonbat said...

It's cold, dear sir, in the MidWest now. Please dress warmly as our night time temperatures are creating frost. Wind, cold rain, gray days. Make those stayovers closer together and please wear warm riding gloves. Hand warmers are a must (you'll find them along the way in convenience stores).

I live in WI and out of your way or else I'd offer you a place to stay the night on your journey.

Conchscooter said...

Thanks for the tip about hand warmers as I shall check them out. I plan to be abed when it gets cold after dark. 45 degrees is too cold for Mr to rude!

Conchscooter said...

Rude always. Ride never. DYAC!