Sunday, September 9, 2012

Old Bikes, Museum Pieces

I saw this old Kawasaki paused by the diesel pump which made me think of how agricultural we perceive our old bikes to be.

Looking at the Barber collection in Alabama I like how the bikes of my youth portended new and better riding.

I had no idea I was living a golden age even though the old awkward British twins were becoming historic, like this lovely Triumph:

And manufacturers tried to advance the design in ways sometimes bizarre. Ducati had a nice thing going with it's V-twin design but they insisted on trying a parallel twin 350 and 500.

The bikes didn't grab anyone's imagination, and they weren't put together well so they didn't sell.

I remember the bad review when this thing came out and I wondered at the time, in the 70s why they did such a thing. Those old Japanese bikes, like the one at the top of this essay looked the part, worked right and sold by the much the better for this museum to preserve the offbeat for us, the curious.

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