Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Message From Jack Riepe

Order Your Copy Today... Now taking gift orders for Christmas! Nothing says, "You're special to me" like a personally inscribed, autographed book from an author former wives and lovers have publicly threatened to kill.

For no extra charge, the author will write something nice about in-laws, divorce attorneys, and that new asshole your youngest daughter is running around with. The perfect gift... For yourself, or others. $20 for 192 pages in a binding that is motorcycle glove leather soft. and the perfect saddlebag companion...

You can take this one to bed. It prefers to be handled with the light on. "Truth and humor are never cheap. I publish in type large enough to see, but not big enough to read between the lines." -- Jack Riepe

• For those looking for a book with a moral, this one does a good job of faking it.
• For those looking for one hell of a funny story of misplaced adolescence and
   testosterone-fueled moto awakening, this one does the trick.
• For men who wish they were 19 again, this is the next best thing.
• For women who love guys who love bikes, this book may help. (Probably not.)
• For those looking for a good 12-point motorcycle recovery program, give this one the pass.

"A compelling read to match the lifestyles of those who like their bikes and lovers on the red line..." Ordering details: Send your name and address to:
Place the designation "new book order" in the subject line. New orders received after October 1, 2012 cannot be hand-numbered as part of the special collection. Sorry.

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