Friday, October 5, 2012

Experimental Dawn

I took Cheyenne out for yet another early morning walk yesterday which she thoroughly enjoyed, leading me this way and that sniffing and checking and doubling back and checking again, until I got bored enough, I admit it, that I pulled out my phone and started playing.

I am impressed by the ability of the camera in my Android telephone to adapt to conditions. Changing settings is a pain as one has to press icons on the screen but the basics work quite well across a range of conditions especially for the small screen display on the phone.

Granted some of the pictures came out a little dark for the iPad but these are in retouched and as they came out of the phone, went into the Picasa account to be saved in the iPad and then downloaded. All of which seems like a rather laborious trail. But is not as complex as it sounds to me.

As the sun came up I took a picture of the Boondocks Bar, a Ramrod Key landmark where I hope one day to reduce Jack Riepe insensible on cheap beer. A delivery truck advised me Budweiser has superior drinkability. I'm not at all sure what that is but I guess one day I'll give it a try. Drinkability. Weird.

Anyway there it is. Phone pictures on my blog. A first and not I expect the last time but I do prefer the pictures I get from my pocket camera. These are fun to use on the phone and I like to send them as postcards but I suppose I have to accept I am slow when it comes to updating my technology.

Cheyenne had another enjoyable walk with a mud bath thrown in and subsequently an inadequate shower to remove the cooling mud. I had some dubious pictures and now we all get to sit back and see if they were with the download. Hmmm.



Anonymous said...

"reduce Jack Riepe insensible"??? that occurred back in 1914 when Riepe, age 7, achieved his first woody.

Conchscooter said...

she didn't do so well out of it either, I hear.