Friday, October 12, 2012

Key West Condo

Strolling Caroline I saw this condo building for sale and it prompted the thought, as is usual in Key West, I wonder how much rent they will be asking when it's ready?

The building actually looks as though the layout might work for multiple units. All too often in Key West expensive large homes seem to get cut up at random and parceled out. As expensive rentals.

I have no idea if the whole building is for sale or if it is a selection of condos or what. I figured that for someone wanting to live four blocks from Duval it could work. And the ground floor is being renovated for what appear to be future shops. Hot work apparently.

I surprised myself: I thought the place looked quite attractive. Probably anything for sale or rent will cost a fortune.



Anonymous said...

Often times those carved out apartments turn into very interesting living spaces. I think they beat 200 unit complexes with identical units.

Anonymous said...

Looks nice-had to close my windows and haul out the quartz heater here. Summer is over but the long autumn shadows and falling leaves are beautiful ....

Conchscooter said...

I suppose looking on thebright side they ar emore interesting than cookie cutter boxes but I would like central air, decent kitchens and room to swing a cat for Key West prices. Oh and quiet neighbors and my own private entrance.
no heaters in the keys yet though a fresh north breeze is lovely.