Friday, November 30, 2012

Big Pine Color

I like the way these mobile homes get the color treatment on Big Pine Key.

I lived for years on boats, a way of living the is frequently viewed with (misplaced) romanticism. I liken it to life in a trailer which gives the romantics pause.

That's because living in a mobile home or the like is viewed with disdain in this country. To me it seems like efficient living.

Put a coconut palm up, paint the house a bright shade of tropical and call it good. Looks good to me.
There is always the chaotic pack rat in an neighborhood ready to live down to the stereotype. And if you've got a nice vintage BMW rusting in your yard for God's sake get on with it and get it running, or give to someone (not me!) who can and will get it on the road.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mike...that looks like a rather unhappy Goldwing..
but then I could be incorrect, unlike your four-legged family member..

Three inches of snow on the ground here at the western end of Lake Ontario...all the evening commutertraffic ground to a standstill.
The denizens have to relearn how to drive in winter; happens with all of the first snowfalls.