Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bonnie Albury's House

At one point in the not too distant past this venerable old home looked like it might even collapse. Now it is close to being completely restored.

Bonnie Albury lived alone in his vast spacious great place and quite the character she was too. She was a former school teacher in Key West and in retirement she developed what had perhaps been a lifelong trait of reticence. She hated seeing passerby photograph her most photogenic home. Painters on the sidewalk irritated her to distraction. She wanted to be left to herself, a sentiment with which I am very much in tune.

Now I admire the home restored, the brilliant paint, the new chance at a future for a building that was slowly imploding under the weight of the years. Now the house shines bright as a diamond in the Fall sunshine.

Much has been done with much more left to do. No doubt time will pass and the work will be completed on Southard Street.



Danette said...

I love it when they restore the beautiful homes that have existed for a long while!

Danette said...

*on the island for a long while.

Sorry I was in a hurry to go watch the sunset.

Conchscooter said...

Someone has really done a number on this place.

Unknown said...

Hi! Many years ago I lived in the house across the street, at 530 William Street, for several years. My sister, brother and I went to Harris Elementary (when it was a school!). My dad was in the Navy, my mom worked on the Navy base as well. Miss Bonnie, as we knew her, was a sweetheart to us. Every morning in the summer - when school was out - she would have my sister and I over for breakfast. It was the same every day - we went with her to the little market at the corner for a loaf of hot cuban bread, and we had the bread, and hot tea with sweetened condensed milk in it. Sometimes a avocado or mango as well. I still like to drink my tea that way! We adored her. She convinced my brother to set up a lemonade stand one summer on the corner, and was his best customer.

Went to visit her years later, and while she had definitely changed, it was good to see she was so much the same. I loved seeing her all dressed up driving her car down the street. Biggest regret - my parents didn't keep that house at 530 Wiliam when he moved!

David Watkins said...

I lived at 619 William Street in 1959 and 1960. I used to go over to Albury's house day after day. My Key West High School friend Richard Albury lived there with his mother Bonnie. She had been divorced from Mr. Albury for some time. They never talked about that, but he was at the time the city attorney if I remember correctly. We moved away in 1960 to Tampa, Florida. Richard graduated and went into radio and television broadcasting. In fact I had gotten Richard interested in broadcasting as we both as teenagers had illegal radio stations on the air. His was in the garage you see next the the house. He really had fixed it up pretty nice with a glassed in area and all. In those days most all of the rooms in the house were closed and not used. His mother was very nice lady and would at times fix us something to eat in the kitchen there. Richard put a radio tower on top of the widow's walk. At that time my father was the preacher at the Fleming Street Methodist church just down the street.