Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Democrat Monroe County

While the Presidential drama gets drawn out on the mainstream press, which ignores the substantial number of votes to be counted in heavily Democrat Dade and Broward, little Monroe County at the bottom of the state has gone blue. Which is odd considering registered Republicans number 19,000 and Democrats are at 18,000 and declined to state are around 15,000. Yet the returns show our Congressional Representative will be Joe Garcia who beat his Republican rival handily. No surprise as David Rivera the Republican has a politica past mired in scandal and Garcia is a solid uninspired citizen, I will be delighted to be represented by a Democrat in Congress though I expcthe won't be radical enough to suit my New Deal tastes.

State Attorney Catherine Vogel will be back in town in January, no longer second-in-command of the state prosecutor's office but in charge of prosecuting crime in Monroe County. She left town after she lost the last election when she was number two in the office. Earlier this year she beat incumbent Dennis Ward in the primary because he prosecuted corruption and didn't flinch when facing down Conch notables in court. The locals proved their power and ousted Ward. It will be interesting to see how hard core Vogel will be when faced with prosecuting the offspring of local power brokers.

Dwight Bullard won the State Senate seat which like the congressional seat is only partly in Monroe County and thus is in the sway of Dade County which has so many more voters. Bullard is the scion of a powerful African American family in South Florida and his win was a given. Like so many who come to power by inheritance he may be a Democrat but he will be no great shakes in the energy or dedication departments when it comes to taking care of the Florida Keys. It's sucks to be a small County sometimes.

Holly Raschein, she of the shiny blonde forehead has restored the State Representative's seat to the Republican party kicking the bearded young Ian Whitney in the goulies. Seat 120 was held by Republican Ken Sorensen for years as he slowly fossilized in office. Then when he was timed out local hero Ron Saunders won office once again and represented the Keys in Tallahassee rising to be minority leader in the gerrymandered Republican state house. Saunders timed out this election and he appears to be headed toward lobbying for gambling for Indians which seems like a morally elastic life choice for the good old boy.

The mainstream press is waving around a big excited woody about the close Florida race for the Electoral College at ten pm Eastern time. I'm sticking my unimportant neck out and predicting an unarguable win for the President when the blue heavily populated counties across the state finish counting their votes.

I have long since argued the one percent like Obama, he has given them everything they want and despite the pathetic accusations of communism thrown at the First Black President by the uneducated sheeple, the President will win reelection. If he will subsequently survive assassination attempts a la E Howard Hunt, remains to be seen. As long as he gives the one percent what they want he will be fine, and he knows it.




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