Sunday, November 18, 2012

Little Palm Brunch

We had ourselves a brunch yesterday, on a tropical island which happens to lie not in the south seas as may appear to be the case judging from the palms lining the beaches around the resort.

It's a fifteen minute ferry ride from Little Torch Key at Mile Marker 28 and that's the only way you can get to the rather exotic brunch offered at Little Palm Island. Only overnight guests can tie up their own boats at the Little Palm docks.

We ate our meal on the outside deck overlooking the water, after we were greeted atthe dock by a young shapely hostess wins fixed smile. The is something of the Stepford Wives about the staff who are used to waiting on the one percent and thus act subservient to a degree that is unnerving to ordinary mortals.

They offer a champagne and vodka bar with all the fixings needed to mix your own cocktails.

And there are several cold buffets around the indoor dining room, including seafood, meats, cheeses, fruit and pastries. A Falstaffian abundance of oysters!

The hot menu includes a dozen dishes of tasting meats and seafood. Beef churrasco:

My wife liked the shrimp wonton better than I did, while I preferred the beef benedict seen in the background.

we both liked the only vegetarian offering on the menu, a delicious French toast of unique appearance.

Our buddy Phil has been tickling the ivories for twenty years at Little Palm.

We ate with the lovely view you would expect from such a dining room, recorded for posterity in lots of home albums no doubt.


And then we caught the two o'clock ferry back home to the real world.


I think the full price for the brunch is around a hundred bucks, but we ate with a local's discount which was nice for us. On top of that my wife had a voucher from a local charity auction and so our meal was actually quite reasonable for the three of us, $140 including the obligatory twenty percent tip after all the discounting and stuff. Great fun and a great day out.


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