Thursday, December 6, 2012

Change In Key West

This parking sign at the county courthouse will soon become history ( and the glass of beer will, I expect, be gone already). Ward lost the election last month and loses his job in a few weeks when his Democrat successor takes over the top prosecutor's job. Catherine Vogel beat Dennis W. Ward in the party primaries and went on to beat her Republican rival Mark Kohl in the general election in November.
Like so much of public life in Key West the election of the State Attorney in Key West was riddled with the sort of small town politics that belies the urbane sophisticated tourist mecca image Key West likes to project. An e-mail came to light from a Conch king maker whose subject matter, "Payback is a bitch!" was worthy of a high school playground revenge drama. It turns out Ward, elected on an anti corruption promise, managed to piss off the Conch element in town, the real people in charge to the degree that they got together and fired his sorry ass. Their replacement choice Catherine Vogel used to be second in command in the office under Mark Kohl whom she beat and who has been offered an office manager position by the incoming Vogel his former employee. So the world turns among the powerful and would-be powerful in the Southernmost City. Expect prosecutions of Conchs to fade away rapidly come January!

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