Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cheyenne Travelling

My wife has gone on a road trip for a few days, which is fine; she has a friend's birthday to celebrate in Alabama and I have to work so that's that. The worst of it is I am at home for five days without Cheyenne, seen here having dinner without me in a rest area near Fort Pierce. My wife said Cheyenne got very frisky and happy in temperatures below forty degrees.
As odd as it may sound I am not looking forward to five days without Cheyenne. While its true I shan't have to go for walks before going to bed in the morning, and while it's also true I shall get to go to the movies (Hitchcock this afternoon) without having to face down the baleful eyed stare of an unhappy Labrador being forced to stay at home, her company makes up for the extra work. I do not enjoy coming home to an empty house, or trying to sleep without the comforting snore of Cheyenne stretched out on the floor next to my bed, as she refuses to actually sleep on the bed next to me for some reason. Se likes sleeping on the floor, seen here at the La Quinta in Gainesville without me.
I like to think she misses me but the photographic evidence on her travel pillow suggests she is doing fine on the road without me.
I think there was a good reason why I agreed to let her go on a trip without me, but I'm damned if I can remember what it was.


Shonassie said...

Oh I'm so sad you will all be apart for Christmas! It's ok to "batch" it for awhile though, makes the heart grow fonder! Keep yourself busy, seek the company of friends and enjoy those movies! The days will fly by and you will be back in the old routine before long! Merry Christmas Michael to you and your family. Your blog warms my heart every day. I know I don't comment often, but I am your constant reader! LOL!! Looks like I may get to come down again in March, it's a milestone birthday year and my daughter and some friends are coming down with me to enjoy the sun. I'd love to meet up with you, your wife and Cheyenne, if you were so inclined. Just for coffee or something, but I know those types of meetings are not your favorite. Even a tour of the KWPD would be wonderful, if a tourist were allowed. I miss my days as a dispatcher. LOL!! Keep me in mind, let me know if you should decide to take me up on it.
Happy Holidays!

Conchscooter said...

All you have to do is let me know where and when to meet. KWPD has a logbook for visitors so guided tours are allowed. If you want to ride with a cop all you have to do is show up and ask. I've invited the citizen to sit in dispatch one night but they have never shown any interest. I even got permission from the now retired captain to have the newspaper see what happens in dispatch but... Oh well I gave up and I have no idea how the new boss would feel about it. You just can't walk around unaccompanied.

Circle Blue said...

I'm amazed at how much a part of my life my fourleg is. When we travel the Leo stays behind. None of the cats who have owned me seem to travel very well. While away I admit I miss him terribly. Cheyenne is a much larger part of your life, what with the walks and travels. Oh well, stiff upper lip and all that. She will be back soon and be delighted to see you.

Shonassie said...

Awesome! I will let you know closer to time when my flights are set and see what your schedule would be like. I would LOVE a ride along! I haven't been on one in 20 years! LOL!! Even got to testify in a couple of court cases since I was a witness to events. That was an amazing experience for me at the time. I was only 22 when I started in the dispatch center. I thought I was mature for my age, but I learned I was not and grew up pretty fast in a couple of years. Was grateful for all I learned. Made me a much more aware person. Well, thanks, I really am looking forward to my trip and now I might be even have a little more to look forward to! Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Dog Gone it!

Cheyenne has abandoned you? Could she not have been left at home while you were on shift? Is your wife going to make your dog any happier travelling?

Hopefully your favourite four-legged pet shall survive and arrive home in better shape and happier. Mind I keep thinking of your friend Doug, without Sassie this Christmas..such a blissful look on her eyes as the two of them dance...At least there is some form of historical recording of Sassi.

May the week of Christmas shifts be not too strnuous. Must admit the warmth of Key WEst would be tempting however having purchased a new home for myself recently am in the throes of major interior renovation with a hope to move to
the house sometime mid-March of next year. Yes I'd like a dog however am more atuned to a cat, or ttwo. Still no Cheyenne will be
difficult i am sure.

Happy Christmas and a great 2013!