Sunday, December 30, 2012

Local Chickens

The American White Ibis is my idea of what a wild Key West chicken should be. These local birds are quiet, delicate and superb hunters. Supporters of the crowing scratching chicken population point out they kill insects forgetting these quiet well behaved guys date same without the chicken drama of scratching holes in the landscape. Check out what Wikipedia has to say:

"The diet consists primarily of small aquatic prey such as insects and small fishes. Crayfish are its preferred food in most regions; however, it can adjust its diet according to the habitat and prey abundance. It is a tactile non-visual forager, whose main foraging behavior is probing with its beak at the bottom of shallow water to feel for and to capture its prey."


I was sitting in the car listening to my dog snore as we waited for my wife. I found watching these high stepping hunters serenity-inducing. I watch chickens and wonder why anyone puts up with barnyard animals fouling the streets and sidewalks. Chickens get tourist votes so it's just as well my opinions don't matter.

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