Thursday, December 13, 2012

Trompe L'Oeil In New Town

It must have something to recommend it as an art form if the French have bothered to name a style after it, but I like these kinds of eye fooling paintings for themselves, more generally murals of some sort but in this case just a tree, and very nicely done.
That one was good for a laugh somewhere as I recall in mid town, possibly on Seminary Street. I can't remember where I saw the tile shown below but it brought back memories for me of my first and only visit to the Roman city of Pompeii in southern Italy.
Cave Canem means beware of the dog in Latin so we can only assume the home where the mosaic was originally placed was in the habit of having dogs in it all the time, or perhaps they liked t use the rude to keep people away. Above the modern tile, below the original I photographed in the villa in Pompeii, unhappily partly obscured by a puddle.
These are the perfect days of winter when Key West comes into it's own. Sunny blue skies light breezes low humidity and in short: perfect shirt sleeve weather. Perfect weather also to lounge on your porch if you have the time and the inclination:
It's also the right time of year for me to notice the odd detail thrown out roadside. "Area 51” indeed. And perhaps they even believe the world will end in a week. Or perhaps they just have a really good sense of humor and like to cheer up their letter carrier.
And here is the classic conch cottage though not in the typical old town setting. A white picket fence, a useful scooter ready to go; classic Key West.
In Britain they call eighteen wheelers Heavy Goods Vehicles which ponderous term put me in mind of this Harley.
This mirror-free scooter rat bike with a taped up seat and a fair bit of rust is more typical of the useful two wheeled transport on this small island.
It was hot and muggy for Lbradors in heavy fur coats and the walk was thus shortened as herself was overheating, even as i enjoyed the weather. That's how hot the sun gets even in winter in frost free Key West.

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