Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Last Night

I spent yesterday morning in Miami, story to follow, and came home with an exhausted dog, a Labrador who was ready to be home and NOT in the car. I unloaded the car trunk which was weighed down with mainland food and toilet paper. I made lunch. I exercised. I did laundry. I was the very model of a modern house husband. I picked up my book, finally arrived at the chapter on the British recognition of United States independence in A Few Bloody Noses and scared a large iguana off my deck.

It was in many respects a good day, close to 80 degrees breezy and sunny. Cheyenne decided after a tiring day in the car that she deserved a walk. The best I could do was a walk down our street and she wasn't too excited about that but she is a good girl and we toddled off together to make the best of a short stroll unusually close to home. Then it turned really good. I don't leave home without my smart phone and I felt obliged to take a couple of pictures.

It really was that good. And I was glad I don't live in Miami. Honestly speaking Miami is mostly miles of suburban ugliness and my home is in an embarrassingly peaceful and pretty place. I really am lucky aren't I?


irondad said...

Yes you are. May we all be wise enough to find the blessings in our "now".

lys93 said...


We WILL call if we plan another St. Augustine trip. Best bird viewing is March/April. Cuz Lynn

Conchscooter said...

Hello Dan. Welcome back.
Layne is ready cuz Lynn.

Circle Blue said...

Yes, you are lucky.

And, I too, am glad to not live in Miami.

Anonymous said...

As my late brother used to say "No shit Sherlock".

Conchscooter said...

Your late brother was a wise man.