Thursday, January 31, 2013

Walk Time!

She lets me know what she wants. She stands by the car door looking like a bulldog, legs planted, a demand in her eyes: I want a walk. I let her wait in the car while I finish my chores.

Then we walk. I was getting food at the bar at Square Grouper picking up my to go order when my former boss, who happened to be sitting on a stool, asked me: I see you walking a dog on Big Pine sometimes. Don't you live on Ramrod? Well yes, I replied as I signed the credit card tab, but my dog doesn't like the same walk twice. God forbid. My former boss looked at me in a way that I am learning to recognize. They think I indulge my dog. The thing is, in these islands you never know who sees what. I haven't worked at Fast Buck Freddie's in nearly nine years yet she remembers me...

Sometimes Cheyenne bites off more than she can chew on hot days when the walk goes on too long. On those occasions she sits down as is her right because her walks are her time. If the car is in sight she won't get up until I walk to the car and bring the chariot back to princess.

It's good to spoil your dog because your dog will always love you and won't take advantage of you. Your dog is forever yours and she deserves every little thing I can do for her. We should all get retirement like this.



Capt. Joey said...

Mike when you were a live-aboard did u guys have any pets?

lys93 said...


I am indeed coming back in my next life as your dog....Cuz Lynn

bayrider said...



Conchscooter said...

All comments are true, more or less... And yes we had a Labrador like cheyenne and a husky mix who not only lived on a boat with s but sailed from California to panama and here to key west over 18 months with us. It was possible but I would not recommend it. It was hard work and quite limiting.