Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Walking People, Key West

I am a misshapen lump when spread across the worn asphalt of a Key West city street. I have been out enjoying the sun, forgetting the critical zinc on my nose. It's not visible on my shadow but my hooter was burned a bright shade of red by winter sunshine, a pleasant reminder of winter's outdoor warmth.
I like the fact that in winter oly a few trees lose their leaves. You can still see the signs of winter's defoliation, but many trees keep sprouting green leaves.
Some people like the effect of Spanish Moss and they import the stuff from Up North and drape it artistically on their trees.
Lunch at Santiago's Bodega brought cross table conversation from two visitors to Key West, where do you live, how do you live why do you live, the usual stuff. I wished I lived in an era when women wore fruit in their hair.
There are features I like about the phone camera, and shortcomings that irritate me. The ability to take pictures unobtrusively is a remarkable innovation in a world where pulling out a "proper" camera draws stares of incomprehension. Everyone has a phone, and I am at the tip of the iceberg of knowledge of mine.
Sitting back and soaking it up is one way to take in Key West. Or perhaps renting an electric egg and rolling aroud town in it is another.
a trolley ride is actually a good way to learn about the town.

Me? I like to walk and sneak a few pictures, just like a tourist.



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Conchscooter said...

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Circle Blue said...

I, too, love walking and sneaking photos. I, also, love sitting much like the man in the blue chapeaux and watch others walk by.