Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bark Park

We aren't dog park types, Cheyenne and I. I've taken her to the Key West dog park at Higgs Beach and she doesn't participate much in doggie packs running back and forth and sniffing each other. So I tend to take her when she can be alone with her thoughts and I with mine. I'm rotten at small talk and the prospect of standing around with a bunch of dog owners talking about the weather or dogs or life Up North fills me with dread. So an empty park is excellent.
She's been here before, off Key Deer Boulevard and on this stop, made to give her a chance to drink after a walk, she really got into sniffing around, outside and inside the fence. So I equipped myself for a prolonged stop.
They don't seem to mind divots here which is nice because some dogs love to dig. Cheyenne spent too log alone I think with her precious family. She neither digs nor does she take an interest in balls, frisbees or coconuts.
I unfurled the written word and after a while Cheyenne came back to base and we hung out in blessed silence.
This can be a busy spot with families out chasing small leather orbs and trying to whack same with sticks, never an easy undertaking I'm told but mid week there was no one there. I may be sitting up all night at work but during the day I get to enjoy the Keys like they were, far from Duval Street.
There are bunches of picnic tables and facilities in this park with an extraordinary assortment of bowls for the picky drinker. The community spirit is strong on Big Pine, the evidence shows.
When we were at Higgs Beach dog park in Key West earlier in the week I was surprised to see some dork letting a big dog in the small dog side of the fence. Owners of small dogs tend to get paranoid about big dogs and it seems inconsiderate to me to stick the big dog among the small. Cheyenne, ignoring the other dogs as usual after her drink, didn't seem to approve either as she watched the dogs race up and down for no apparent reason. You can see the big white lump on the other side of the fence.
A cold front is threatening this week but it's scaled down compared to the blizzards and mayhem real cold fronts cause Up North. Wind, a little rain followed by sunshine they say and highs in the mid 60s for us. Brisk but not life threatening.
From what I read flowers don't do well in blizzards.

Our Big Pine ruminations were interrupted by drizzle that got insistent enough the page I was reading got wet enough the words were obscured. I gave up and headed for the car which was the exact right moment Cheyenne needed urgently to sniff around a bit more.
Across the way the small dog pen was unmolested.
I'd rather eat crushed glass than play tennis or baseball, I spent too much of my youth being required to chase balls all over the playing fields of my schools. The prospect of doing it now is about as exciting as doing detention just for nostalgia's sake. But wandering with my dog as we hunker down (hunker hunker hunker) while we wait for the heavens to open, that is quite pleasant and is enough to convince me to stop off at what might be a hive of industrious outdoor activity at these playing fields. I quite like this dog park and so does Cheyenne, when we have it to ourselves.


Karen Maeby said...

That's very awesome! I've only read a few entries (as I discovered your blog late tonight) and I'm loving it!

Conchscooter said...

Good luck. There are almost 3100 essays in this collection, most of them illustrated unless the pictures got lost accidentally.
beware my iconoclastic sense of humor which freaks some people out from time to time.