Friday, February 22, 2013

Old World Service


All too often we feel that modern life denies us the chance to repair things. The truism that we live in a throwaway society only rarely gets stood on it's head. In this case Keys Technology in Kennedy Plaza manages to do just that. They actually repair stuff. How old fashioned.

There's a phone store on Duval that advertises screen replacements for iPhones and I stopped off to see if they also replace glass screens for Androids. My HTC Incredible (silly name for a good phone) got dropped somehow and the screen formed some interesting cracks, but the iPhone store doesn't do Androids and directed me to Kennedy Plaza in New Town. That was where Peter the owner said "...not worth it," after he found out a new screen installed would be $200. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping my phone stays whole until my contract expires in November... Meanwhile he also took a look at our defunct laptop.

The laptop died months ago, the little man inside went on strike and it stopped working. We kind of gave up on the thing and there it sat while we soldiered on with our iPads, my wife and I. I love my iPad, for instance I do all my blogging these days with my phone camera, Picasa and Blogpress through my first generation iPad. However we felt the need for a laptop for certain jobs like printing and desk top publishing and stuff especially for my wife's teaching job so we were casting round considering what to do.


I really wanted a Mac as I like working with the iPad, and I am sick watching the little Windows Icon whirling around while the stupid laptop tells me to please wait. Instant start up and no viruses and ease of use have finally turned me to the dark side of computing. Naturally there is a price to pay, around $1300 if I remember correctly while a PC was about half that. We hemmed and hawed and my wife finally said we were going to Best Buy next weekend and getting a PC. Blech!


Suddenly my wife had one of those brilliant insights and on a whim we ended up carting along the laptop, long dead, when we stopped by the store in search of the phone screen repair. We didn't hope for much, one never doestheses days when looking for a repair but it went swimmingly well. We were amazed. Never mind the phone can't be repaired economically, the laptop came back within 24 hours with anew hard drive for $214 installed, including taxes. Brilliant.

In these cases of helpful local businesses I worry mostly that the business might close or the owner may get tired of the Keys and seek more remunerative fields elsewhere. So when I find a solid business I hold onto it, tight. In this case he told me with a big grin that business is great after six years in town and he is as busy as he can be and not to worry he has no plans to leave Key West. Yay! I guess the weather must be a factor, for he has a Slavic accent and nowhere east of Eden is as warm and sunny as Key West! That's a good reason to stay, and I am glad business is good for him. He deserves it.


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