Thursday, February 21, 2013

Random Key West

I have to admit I pretty much ignored the recent cold front that blew through town, the first and only real cold front this winter. Skies turned black with heavy, rain filled clouds, winds blew and temperatures dropped. It then rained, for the first time in months, and even after the rain finished and the north winds blew the skies tended to remain overcast. It even felt cold though night time temperatures never dropped below 55 degrees. the front was well announced in advance so I took the time to step outside The house with Cheyenne one evening and recorded the end of the longest warm winter stretch anyone can remember:
Sometimes the colors and bright light of winter just needs to be put on record. That's one way of not being complacent about living here. And fr s e people, Key West is Disney, a fairground attitude best exemplified by tourists stepping off sidewalks into the face of red lights. Then they look upset ad flash angry glances at te car that nearly ran them over. That the car was obeying the green light means nothing to peop,e who think this town is as artificial as Disney's Main Street...And some people like to attach stickers around town. These weird faces were popular for a while but perhaps their author has moved on to more receptive communities:
The welcoming pineapple combined with a Japanese style torii seems overly inviting for an Old Town entrance.
I took Cheyenne to dog beach and perhaps the end of Vernon Street just isn't her cup of tea of perhaps the presence of a boisterous young water dog put her off as she tends to prefer her own company, but in the event we spent a few minutes there and she wandered off much more interested in sniffing the sidewalk in front of Louie's Backyard restaurant next door.
A sidewalk artist was busy. I'm not sure what the protocol is about photographing other people's paintings so I took a generic picture and left it at that:
In my head I was comparing and contrasting the itinerants inter with the itinerant folks who hang out on Stock Island after a night sleeping at the Temporary Shelter:
Small motorcycles are making a comeback in the US, they say, even outside Key West and certainly it seems there are more smaller machines available Han ever. I am not much of a fan of off-road machines as they have tires not designed for road use and their set heights usually leave me unale t reach the ground when astride the saddle.
They make for excellent rides through city traffic, nimble and fast and in Key West, adapted to local usages by creating a useful place to keep a cup of con leché the universal Cuban coffee drink, good any time day or night.
These are my idea of proper wild chickens for Key West, native birds, quiet and delicate and as dedicated to eating irritating insects as any loud messy rooster.
The cause of all the trouble, Cheynne stepping out and enjoying the cool weather:
Though not all dogs feel the need to be terribly energetic:
Happily the cold front is gone and daytime highs in the 80s are reasserting themselves while night time lows near 70 make for perfect sleeping weather. The way winter should be.

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