Monday, April 29, 2013

Across Town Walk

 It looks like  a Lower Keys home set in a wide open field. Its not actually, its a home on a rather expansive lot not far from the cemetery.

I saw a palm frond poking through a typical picket fence and I saw the signs of impatient painting all over it. That put me in mind of my own skill level. At least the fence got a fresh coat, always important in this salt air, overly sunny damp climate. 

 This sign was a relief for me as Cheyenne and I strolled Olivia. Iguanas are the bane of my life. They swim like submarines, fly like flying bats, climb vertical surfaces, survive temperature variations that should kill them and they eat every living plant known to human kind. They have even sunbathed in my inedible (to them) rosemary bush, thus killing off several branches. I hate iguanas, and apparently I am not alone. Good.
 Dead  leaves put me in mind of winter and their colors are bright even in death.

Cheyenne and I crossed Truman Avenue and I went to check out this rather nice looking modern large frame Vespa. There are quite a few of these expensive scooters around town but I was however interested to note that this GT200 was quite possibly the ride of an employee at the porn shop. I guess wages are good in this trade even for clerks. Hmm...
 This scooter probably belonging to some snowbird gone for the summer, put me in mid of a woman in a burqa, for whatever reason. There were no eye holes however.
 A few pictures to follow here, typical street scenes in Key West, my dog always interested in the urban scene.

 Key West, hot sunny and eminently walkable. What a great little town.


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are always so nice. They are calling me to the Keys. Love your dog, she's a beauty.

wannabe conch

Anonymous said...

Having rented a Honda metro to ride around whenever we visit I've seen the way scooters are parked around town. How in the world is it possible to keep a nice ride like this Vespa from getting beat all to hell?

Anonymous said...

Key West has its iguanas and we have our deer. They are just like the iguanas, they eat everything and then leave their piles so I can't go in my backyard without stepping in them. At least they are tasty (if they would only let us shoot them).

Going to snow tomorrow. At least I'm now retired and can stay at home in the 30 degree weather.

Big song writers festival in Key West this week, wish I were there!

Bob from Livingston Montana

linda rogers said...

Love the pictures!!!!! I will be there in eight days for my son's wedding.

Conchscooter said...

The Vespa lives outside Key West and makes forays into the city. Sheer luck has kept it dent free so far. Rental scooters live tough lives.
Congrats Bob, enjoy retirement. Montana does an excellent job of selling itself as a summer vacation paradise so its tyour turn for the next few months(weeks?).
More pictures to come though it is better here in person most of the time.
Congrats on the wedding. good place for it.