Monday, April 8, 2013

Duval Again

It had been a while since I had graced Duval Street with my presence and happily everything appears to be as it should. The Strand was looking good, an elaborate facade under which Walgreens sells sun tan lotion, beach towels and souvenirs. Every time I look at it I wish it housed the Tropic Cinema, but I suppose I should be glad they saved the front of the old cinema.

Willie T's was making noise as usual and keeping the punters happy in the afternoon sun. It wasn't hot yesterday with a cool north breeze blowing through town forcing me into long sleeves long pants and socks even. Not everyone thought it was cold.

Walking past Fast Buck Freddie's I was reminded of the rules of downtown redevelopment: you need anchor stores. With the old department store vacant, with promises of some sort of revival some day, the formerly busy crowded sidewalk was deserted. Margaritaville was as busy as ever with people struggling to get some of the Jimmy Buffett practical pixie dust to fall on their shoulders. Fast Bucks went well with Margaritaville next door.

Appelrouth Lane I like not least because it's a shortcut to Whitehead Street but also because it looks good in the afternoon light.

We went to see Quartet a movie about aging opera singers in a retirement home in England preparing for a fund raising concert, and though the preview suggested a hard edged English comedy it was pretty saccharine and predictable. That was okay, it was a nice excuse to head downtown.

My wife said she preferred the color picture to the black and white I took while I waited for Cheyenne to finish her dinner.

I'm enjoying the time between summer and winter, getting ready for hot and humid season the quiet days and the empty streets. Sure there will be lots of summer visitors but those of us who live here year round tend to enjoy the quieter neighborhoods and empty homes. I admit, I like downtown when there are fewer people too. It was nice seeing Duval again.




Anonymous said...

Glad you made it back ok. Your travel pictures and stories were really fun reads!

Nice to see pictures of the sunshine of Key West. We had a blizzard last night in SW Montana and some parts of the state got down to 8 degrees above zero.

Bob from Livingston Montana

Shonassie said...

I so missed Fast Buck Freddies! That was an institution! I am surprised no one has snapped up that location, perfect for anything, really! Maybe ole Jimmy will expand Margaritaville, who knows. He certainly has enough moolah to make that happen if he wanted to.