Saturday, April 20, 2013

Prayer and Faith

I don't have a spiritual bone in my body, quite honestly, but I do enjoy the architecture. It sits at 729 Fleming Street, the Southernmost Prayer and Faith Center. I like this place so much I did a thorough essay previously on it, but I cannot it seems keep away.

Key West Diary: Southernmost Prayer And Faith Center

They describe themselves as an interdenominational charismatic Word of Faith Church, which means absolutely nothing to me. And their vision is to build people of purpose which sounds strenuous and wholesome I suppose. Beyond that I simply find the space relaxing and a pleasant escape from the heat. I like the traditional look of the place.

As a side note I had no idea there was a masjid, a Sunni Mosque, in Key West, and I stumbled across it by accident at 801 Emma Street. The fact that Key West has the state's oldest Jewish congregation, that everyone knows. But the mosque had been unknown to me and never mentioned among the heathen among whom I travel. Stick around long enough and all will be revealed I guess in this town of many secrets.


Martha Tenney said...

I would argue about that spiritual presence. I find it every time I read your blog.

Anonymous said...

Betcha that comment freaked him out ;)

Conchscooter said...

Consider me freaked.