Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day In Key West

I was scheduled to work this weekend, that's the luck of the draw when you do shift work and I'm fine with it, but I did have to take these pictures ahead of time and I confess looking at them they raise some questions. In the first picture I have to ask myself why does a male scooter rider prefer to trawl down the street with his sandled feet dangling. I am not at all keen to ride on my testicles and can't understand why anyone would be. Never mind that if he hits the ground with his feet he will never walk again without a limp.


I was glad to see this woman walking with a plastic bottle of water. She looked a little peaky to me, possibly in the early stages of dehydration and she was at least several steps away from a fresh supply of expensive pastic bottles of water for sale at Millie's.

Does anyone think Cuba is the land of maracas? I still see depictions of Mexicans in the Keys showing men sitting under sombreros napping next to a cactus. What a bizarre view of the world. It's as though a foreigner pictures Maeridans driving around in Cadillacs with fins while wearing brightly colored rayon leisure suits.

Bad taste however is not limited to stereotypes of others, some people like to use it to mock themselves! These are the cars above all I try to avoid on the highway.

It was in a pot but the hibiscus gave a touch of class to a street devoted to commerce. I wonder who had that idea?

Hoi polloi downstairs, big spenders upstairs. You have been warned! Signs in Key West are a never ending source of amusement and wonder to me.

T shirt shops are aspire of wonder to me too. How do they pay exorbitant rents downtown, thirty thousand or more dollars a month, selling five dollar shirts? Shirts I grant you of such refinement anyone would be proud to be seen in their ime town expressing these fine sentiments on their chest:

If someone were to figure out how exactly these peddlers of puerile smut funded their stores the clean up would make a huge difference to the tenor of downtown Key West. I wouldn't miss them. The newspaper was talking about new recycling plans for the city and claimed a ten percent recycling rate for the city. I peered inside this can of "recycling" and on seeing the contents, food wrappers, banana skin and garbage of all sorts I wonder how anyone can claim a ten percent rate.


Recycling requires education and I see none of that going on. My next question, do people go on vacation to buy this, whatever precisely it may be?

It is in fact the five hundredth anniversary of the first European arrival in La Florida, the flowery state. Key West is marking this important footnote in history with small advertising banners stuck on lamp posts ostensibly disseminating historical facts about the city's past. The claim that the wild chickens are descended from fighting roosters seems impossible on the face of it. How did the roosters reproduce? Gay adoptions? That no wild chickens are depicted on the streets of Mario Sanchez's depression era street scenes does not seem to have struck anyone who makes these preposterous claims. They are an invasive species tolerated thanks to their tourism value.

I wondered about the bottle attached to the bicycle until I realised it was a promotional tool for a business. Cute but not exactly puzzling in a city where alcohol rules.

The newspaper will publish pictures of ceremonies at the Maine Memorial in the cemetery and business in the city will keep on keeping on. My questions will go unanswered and I'm fine with that, just as I am with doing my bit tonight while Memorial Day celebrations drag on into the night. Let summer begin!

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