Sunday, June 9, 2013

Elegy In A Country Churchyard

I live in the sub tropics just north of the Tropic of Cancer but I grew up in a world of temperate climates and literature. Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So when Cheyenne and I drove through this little village in eastern Pennsylvania I figured we should stop and catch our breaths after our long drive from Ramrod Key. It was a good idea.

The day was perfect, the temperature finally started approaching a spring-like seventy degrees and a gentle breeze kept the air fresh and dry. Cheyenne liked it for her reasons as we strolled down Church Lane...

...enjoying the shady overhang of trees not commonly found at home.

I enjoy cemeteries, quiet places of contemplation and around here they have the rather odd habit apparently of just planting people higgledy-piggeldy in open fields.

Thanks to the proclivities of the majority of owners who prefer not to pick up after their animals, dogs generally aren't welcomed in graveyards, not least as the spiritual attributes of dogs are in some doctrinal dispute to put it politely, Do Animals Have Souls - Do Animals Go to Heaven? So I don't walk Cheyenne among the very interesting headstones of the cemeteries I come across.

It was the sort of perfect day under the sun that required some sitting in the convenient lawn chair you carry in the trunk of your car for just such occasions.

I picked a tick off Cheyenne's eyebrow, it's little legs waving as I crushed it's carapace between my nails (I'm pretty sure ticks, far from having souls are instruments of the devil) and we sat and tried to remember why we like living in the flatland of palms and mangroves.
St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Trexlertown, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania The web is amazing, almost as astonishing as the fact they say they have been here 225 years, far long than Key West, founded only in 1828.


Then we got back on the road, following the little blue arrowhead on the phone's GPS screen back to the freeway and the 1200 mile journey home. It was an excellent pause.

And all too soon we were back to this for a couple of days.

Apparently it rained in Pennsylvania the day before we arrived and I don't doubt it rained afterwards. The drive home was a long series of rainstorms as Tropical Storm André ravaged Tampa Bay. But it's the rain that makes these lovely places so green. That and the winter snows of course. Brr!


Martha Tenney said...

Someone told me that most congregations don't have steeples anymore because they are too costly to maintain. Makes sense. And that's today's church trivia.

Nice photos of your trip.

Conchscooter said...

Did not know that. Trivia is always good.
The man mt everest is named after prnounced his own name eeve-rest.
Tit for tat.

East Egg Bill said...

I recognize that intersection! The company I used to work for until I was fired for being too old owned property (I don't know if they still do) not far from that spot.

It is a beautiful area.

Conchscooter said...

It was lovely when I was there. I asked the nice guy at the storage what people did for a living and he said the town was surrounded by industrial parks. They were invisible behind all the surrounding forests.