Monday, July 1, 2013

The Color Of Day

I held these pictures over from the extra large full moon brouhaha of recent memory. The next morning I went out to the Ramrod Pool because Cheyenne has taken to enjoying a walk here. In the summer she likes short walks with lots of smells and the pool is a popular place with locals who bring their coolers ad their dogs and sit by the water and enjo being in the uncomplicated Keys of decades past.

The dawn light here is remarkable some days which is why you will see far too many essays of this modest spot in my blog.

The sky is enormous and I wonder what it would have been like had the development planned fr this lace gone through. I guess it would have been much like very other canal blasted out of the rock. Instead we lucky few get this wild open space and a deep water pool carved out to Olympic proportions.

My pleasure in the Ramrod Pool isn't shared. Bring Your Own Port-O-Potty Park (true) | Shoestring Weekends Blog which I suppose is just as well.





Cheyenne has no problem amusing herself here.

I remembered my repellent though the no see'ums were out in force I got a while t sit and read by the water while Cheyenne did her thing.

It's low key entertainment.

Triumph USA is advertising it's motorcycles by coopting famous people's image...there are those who will go on about lack of "safety gear" and day glow jackets. Presley is selling sex appeal and imminent paralysis riding dressed like that. I wonder how Triumph figures people like me are going to relate to Elvis Presley borrowing Steve McQueen's Desert sled, so called. Oh look who was once seen on a Trumpet...better go out and buy one I suppose.

Beyond the pages of the motorcycling magazine my dog was meditating as always.

Ugly spot, no facilities, stay away.

I prefer solitude, thanks.



Martha Tenney said...

Tangerine sky. Beautiful.

Conchscooter said...

Tell me The King didn't give you a flutter?

Trobairitz said...

Gorgeous pictures of the sky. So vidid.

I saw that Triumph ad on one of our magazines this weekend. Elvis has never done anything for me and I refuse to play his music on my radio when in the car - yes I do change the station if he ever comes on. I am sure he was all the rage back in the day, but I've never understood quite why.

I guess I am not their target audience.

Conchscooter said...

Steve McQueen is their other star on a triumph. Then there's me...

Scootard said...

Spectacular early morning pictures a perfect counterpoint to a night of electronic drama. Cheyenne seems spectacularly underwhelmed. If queried about the gorgeousity of the new day she would reply with a gentle "whuff". Nuff said!