Sunday, September 29, 2013

Green Parrot People of Key West

I am happily back in Key West and though I am posting pictures from my Italian trip they basically got left behind when Internet service ran out in Italy at the tail end f my vacation. Contrary to popular belief wireless access is much more widespread in the US than it is Europe where Internet is expensive and tends to be paid for by time used. Anyway here are someday urges of my favorite town I took yesterday of my day shift lunch break. I rode down to Whitehead Street, parked the Bonneville and went off to hunt coffee.
My plan involved taking a seat on the bench in front of Jenna's Deli now known as the Courthouse Deli where my wife assured me I could get a con leché with skimmed milk and so I did. And as I struggled to sip the burning hot Cuban coffee and milk I watched people driving past one of asked West's best known bars.
They say they are the first and the last bar on US Highway One which would be true depending on whether you are leaving Key West or Fort Kent, Maine.
Skateboards aren't as popular as they used to be but we still see then around. They are illegal to use on Duval Street for some reason, possibly I suppose owing to the crowds.
As insane as it sounds this spot is known for having its own Facebook page Courthouse Deli Bench.
My neighbor was busy effing and blinding to himself about some major drama that required an out loud interior monologue to flavor my Cuban coffee...Life in Key West frequently requires public battles with altered mental states.
The picture above I wanted to label Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter which could be construed as witty (or not) but which ultimately seemed unfair. So I didn't. In the sultry mugginess of an 85 degree September afternoon I mulled over the unfairness of women being allowed to wear dresses which men, like me of weak character dare not, even on the hottest of days.

I was at the end of my break and the coffee was barely an inch from the top...
Walking back to the motorcycle I was reminded that at the end of the month the fate of the dredge study may be decided.
More on that tomorrow. Meanwhile I have one more week on day shift and Tuesday October Seventh I go back to nights! A red letter day, I cannot wait, even though it will put the kibosh on pleasant lunch interludes like this one.

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