Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Election Results

The study to consider dredging went down by 73 to 26 percent in unofficial numbers reported by the Key West Citizen newspaper. I'm guessing, like a lot of skeptics, that won't be the end of the matter as Big Business and Big Money wants big cruise ships to visit Key West.

Mayor Cates beat Margaret Romero 54 to 45 percent ( in numbers rounded up more or less) and as that is her second showing she did quite well, whether on dissatisfaction with the somewhat autocratic mayor or satisfaction with Romero a well educated candidate with experience that could be helpful to a city facing the same economic future as everyone else Up North.


In the Utility board race the Mayor's wife got 33 percent of the vote but she will not face off against the bodybuilder and photographer who calls himself simply Vidal who got more than 30 percent of the vote. He will be in the runoff against top vote getter Tim Root who got 40%. That might be an interesting race on November 5th for a rather uninteresting job.


Jimmy weekly beat Tom Milone handily so the city commission stays as is. The turnout was 41% which is a lot for an off year election so kudos for that surely go to the dredging referendum. Now it has been handily defeated lets call it what it was: a study to study dredging to widen the channel.


Next the mayor comes back for another election to get Key West voting the same year as major elections and he may face more and stiffer competition.




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