Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blazing November At Bahia Honda

It was hot and still and summer like. I like this place any time of year but summer in winter is best.

I like the hill that used to be the ramp up to the old Flagler railroad bridge to Bahia Honda, the state park on the other side of the deep bay, in Spanish Bahia Honda.

I keep coming back and taking the same pictures. Coming here during a weekday afternoon doesn't guarantee we'll be alone, Cheyenne and I because it is so scenic even hell-for-leather tourists screech to a stop to take pictures. They got one when Cheyenne popped out, jumped down to the water and plunked herself in. Oh look they said that dog just appeared and sat in the water. Well duh, it was hot. 85 degrees is a lot for a small dog in a fur coat.

I ramped up the saturation on my Android camera not for realism but to convey the burning hot day for people wielding snow shovels. It felt lovely and toasty. The railroad bridge still rises up over the deep bay. It was converted to a road bridge in 1938 aft the railroad closed and was abandoned in 1982 when the new road opened. I rode it the year before it closed on my Vespa.

Looking west more or less toward Big Pine Key and the evocative single coconut palm.

Busy dog.

Oh look, a hill. It's a lot taller than Solares Hill, the highest point in. Key West.

Hot work.





Like I said, blazing hot. A picture postcard from the place where winter is summer. Enjoy the seasons you lot.


Martha Tenney said...

I keep forgetting that I need a new snow shovel. Thanks for reminding me.

You visit, say, Cable Wisconsin (where winter is REALLY winter)in the dead of winter, take a photo of yourself waist high in the pure clean snow and then I will visit Florida for the first time.

But don't hurry up here because I just got two new jobs.

Trobairitz said...

The saturation does convey the heat. I'd be tempted to sit in the water with Cheyenne.

Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Twenty seven degrees is too early in the season to be this cold!

Conchscooter said...

I am a hot weather person, 27 is too cold, snow is unacceptable.

Bob MacKissock said...

Please, please, please keep the posts coming.

Thank you