Thursday, November 7, 2013

How To Keep Your Dog Happy

Bill Butler Park early in the morning. That's how Cheyenne likes it when Daddy has a day off and nowhere particular to be.
Not all dogs get the attention Cheyenne gets, not,all dogs live indoors either.
This guy lives in the yard of a crumbling house off an alley between Elizabeth street and Bill Butler Park. Cheyenne has the winning personality that wins over prisoners too. Not really but sometimes she deigns them with a friendly sniff through the bars of their captivity.
Checking out the cat food bowl and finding it empty. Had it been full I'd have engaged in a tug of war but my dog will not be denied food if she thinks she can get away with it. The vet gave her a check up and pronounced her in excellent health for her age, almost 13 I think. She has been showing some signs of limping but we increased the dose of the magic pill I can't spell (con droit something) and as usual Dr Edie was right and Cheyenne is walking like a puppy again.
It's bloody difficult to keep her slim with her constant pursuit of nourishment. Almost as grotesque as people who ride scooters and then park them like this, which is a big fat fail.
And when not meeting caged dogs or eating cat food one lies in a puddle for refreshment. Remember this is the Southernmost City and it's still hitting eighty five degrees daily in November.
The thing about walking Cheyenne is I get to see stuff and I get to ponder stuff so while I'm keeping her happy I am amusing myself. See the Eden House and therefore think of Goldie Hawn. Good movie.
I asked my wife where would she live if she had money enough to choose anywhere. She got lost in thought for quite a while and when I had forgotten about the question she asked if money was going to be an issue in her mythical new home. Not at all I said magisterially and she thought about it a bit more. So then I could travel anywhere I felt,like from my home she asked as though I had the power to actually make all this real. Sure I said. Well she said I think I'd stay right here. Your can see why.
Here's a Key West conundrum. We got as far as I was letting Cheyenne get from the car to prevent total exhaustion and we passed the Stock Island Produce shop which is located on Whitehead Street in Key West. Why it's called that I couldn't say. Do they grow produce for export from Stock Island?
I do enjoy walking my dog. What a dweeb.


Anonymous said...

Goldie Hawn movie is Criss Cross. Lots of good KW footage.

Lisa S. said...

I just love your posts. :)

Conchscooter said...

Very good. Thank you. Carry on.