Saturday, November 2, 2013

Parrot Heads Meet In Key West

They call it Meeting of the Minds or MOM and people who like Tropical Rock music show up in a Key West, the place where their former idol Jimmy Buffett go his start and they hang out and have mild mannered middle aged adult fun. After the madness of Fantasy Fest the Parrot Heads are a nice mild tonic in a town that is rather exhausted and jaded by the nudity and noise of the October celebration. This is police work writ small.

Silly headgear is a hallmark of the Parrot Heads and should evince no surprise when on Duval this weekend. I am not a fan of headgear silly or otherwise but this is harmless stuff.

As usual I had to get to work and when I was on Duval things had barely got started. I shouldn't have even surprised to see people anxiously lining up for the distant evening entertainment. Parrot Heads are a devoted lot.

Fantasy Fest makes me wince sometimes though I see the point, where this lot just make me smile. It seems silly but aside from raising money for charity Parrot Heads are cheerful,harmless and relatively low key. They don't make much noise unless you are close by Casa Marina resort where they roost, they drink but they aren't rowdy and it seems to me they could teach a lesson or two to people who come to Ksy west and make proper fools of themselves.

More than you ever wanted to know about Parrothead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

After all how cam one get behind a bunch of people who think lager is the be all and end all for a party? Fizzy beer? Really...

Yes but look at the smiles. This is an invasion Key West can live with, easily this weekend.


Trish R said...

I'm in town this week...keep looking for you and Cheyenne. Have seen Doug Bennett & dog about 3 times! In the first pic, you got a shot of my friend Joe walking in the background, looking at his phone. Head of security for the event. I'll keep looking for you!

Conchscooter said...

I am in the Everglades this weekend. call me 305 587 1904 IF you have the nerve and we can have lunch Monday. Gene says I'm nicer than I seem.

Trish R said...

Oh man, i already have lunch plans on Monday! And am leaving Tuesday. But I do appreciate the offer! I will be back hopefully within 6 months, and will take you up on that! Enjoy the Everglades!