Monday, November 18, 2013

Pink Crocs

Readership numbers have climbed significantly so I feel the need to explain why I wear pink Crocs when out walking. Years ago my wife offered to buy me a new set of shoes and asked what color I wanted I said whatever and ignored her pretty much. As one does. She came back from the flea market with a pink pair and asked how I felt about that. Fine I said. And I was. And then when I discovered a lot of people were afraid to talk to me in weird pink shoes it got better. I figure if they put people off only boring people would be put off by them so it was a wining choice all round. Then, get this, the Birkenstock store offered me all the pink Crocs in men's size 12 I could handle as they couldn't sell them....I was hooked on pink. Today I was downtown so I stopped by the shop and they had four pairs sold to me for $17:50 each. I loaded up two shopping bags and gloated all the way back to my wife'a car.

I wear these things and thus I wear them out but I figure I'm good for 18 months, possibly two years with this haul. They are great for walking Cheyenne through mud or puddles, salt water or even on the streets and they are excellent boat shoes. They look odd and they scream something extra odd in pink but they work for me. They should for you too as daily footwear.