Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Key West Bight By Night

A lunch break on a crisp cool night. The waters were still and only a few young men were around scuttling back to their boats, as though the witching hour were upon them. The place was otherwise empty. All mine.

Above Turtle Kraals, named for the place where they used to corral captured turtles before killing them. Below the old Waterfront Market boardwalk.

The Western Union which used to be used to lay telegraph cable between Key West and Havana until World War Two. Recently restored for a million and a half bucks, she continues to haul tourists to the sunsets.

Appledore, another "tall ship" nomenclature that bugs me. Square rigger or barque depending on how the sails are deployed. Tall. Ship. Oh well.

People live at anchor and bring their dinghies in while they spend the day in town. Traveling sailors call their dinghies their "station wagon" as the little boats are indispensable.


My Vespa is pretty indispensable to me when it's time to go home...

Conch Republic Seafood, as I like it, empty and devoid of people, like a stage set waiting for today's performance to begin.

Lazy Way Lane. Heading back to work.



RichardM said...

"My Vespa a is pretty indispensable to me when it's time to go home..."

Does this mean you have your Vespa again?

Conchscooter said...

Still using the ET4 technically of my wife. I was to pick it up next week. Delayed . I am not rushing it. Wiring harness is coming from Italy "soon" the original wires are green and brittle. Breeding ground for shorts. Another month maybe. I can get a week off easily to drive and pick it up.

Trobairitz said...

Silly question, but don't you ever get the heebie jeebies walking around at night, in the dark, by yourself?

Unknown said...

I wish I was there...have to wait till June for my short visit, but how I want to have the time to enjoy those off the beaten trail joys of your paradise.

Conchscooter said...

Trobaritz: no never. Not in Key West. When we spent weekends on the boat in San Francisco Bay I walked the dogs at night in Oakland. Used to scatter clubbers off the sidewalks....
Here's a secret: being in the woods at night freaks me out. I don't believe in the supernatural but put me in a forest at night and I will happily sign my life away to get to a hotel. Wilderness camping alone is a test of my mettle.
Ric: it will be here when you get here.